April 5th, 2008


You're doing it wrong: you're doing it wrong

Since I'm back and crushing all in my path, a gentle reminder that that threadbare excuse for a meme, "You're doing it wrong", is BANNED here. Come up with an original, witty caption instead. (The permitted exceptions are (a) references to oral sex and (b) anything that makes me lol anyway. :-)

ETA: Oh, and that thing about not posting character hate here, in macros or comments? Applies to real life people too, like Russell T. Davies. Take the piss all you like, but try to keep some perspective, people.
Hot koolaid (Dresden)

Let me just get everything out of my system.

Text reference to the series 3 finale. Photos from 4.01 but not really spoilers, okay maybe a little one. Warning just in case.

Caps by me :) Dial Up people, may want to get a sandwich while the page loads.

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