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RTD has an idea!

Images courtesy of Time-and-Space and BBC. 1-16 capped with ROFLBOT; remainder on Paintbrush after ROFLBOT for some reason went dead.

ETA: Thanks for all your kind support. This idea sat gestating in my mind as I sat decaying at the Motor Vehicle Division office waiting to register my Volvo in the great(?) state of Arizona. So I wrote it down in teeny-tiny writing on the back of my number ticket, and when I got home... comedy gold, apparently!

ETFA: I gotta admit, I really didn't think this was going to be that funny/popular when I made it. But here's the thing - usually when I do macro series like this - like, for example, my South Park series starring Captain Jack as Eric Cartman - I find them funny when I make them, but then the novelty wears off.
Not so this one! Every time I read through it, I still find myself bouncing with laughter, which, since I'm really pissed at life right now, it's a good pick me up.
Hooray for ridiculous Doctor Whumor!
Tags: !mod picks, 10 utopia/sod/lotl, 10th doctor, 10th doctor era, 1st doctor, 2nd doctor, 3rd doctor, 3rd doctor era, 4th doctor, 4th doctor era, 5th doctor, 6th doctor, 7th doctor, 9 rose, 9th doctor, 9th doctor era, actor: john barrowman, actor: paul mcgann, behind the scenes, companion: captain jack, mark gatiss in any form, master!simm, meme: it's a lion get in the car, old skool, xover: life on mars, xover: south park
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